Collagen & Protein

Inner Wellbeing believes inner health reflects outer beauty! Our Collagen collection, curated with the guidance of our Colon Hydrotherapist, Majella Brennan, offers a variety of delicious flavored collagen powders and drinks to support your well-being.

Majella's extensive knowledge in gut health informs our product selection, ensuring you have access to high-quality collagen options that can contribute to healthy skin and joints, keeping you looking and feeling your best.

We offer more than just products! Explore Inner Wellbeings 3 rejuvenating in clinic treatments or our Gut Health Coaching Session to educate & discuss how a healthy gut, supported by services like Colon Hydrotherapy, can further enhance the absorption and effectiveness of collagen.

Let's work together for a radiant you! Browse the Collagen collection or contact her personalized advice. Inner Wellbeing is here to help you achieve your inner and outer glow.



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