SKEYNDOR BODY SCULPT Silhouette Remodelling Mud

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Silhouette Remodelling Mud is the new body exfoliant from Skeyndor. A renewing and remineralising body product made with thermal water, organic mud, enzymatic exfoliants and volcanic sand, which, together with the Suaeda Maritima extract and the active carbon, helps to boost the remodelling and external purifying effect.

CAUTION: Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and people sensitive to xanthines.


Apply a generous amount over abdomen, buttocks and thighs with an exfoliant massage in circular, clockwise movements. Begin at the thighs and work upwards towards the abdomen, paying special attention to the more critical zones. Leave for 3 minutes and completely remove in the shower with hot water. We recommend using the product a maximum of 1 to 2 times per week. You may experience a slight activation sensation from the product. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.


KEY INGREDIENTS: Organic mud from Belarusian Lake, Thermal water from the South of France, Volcanic sand from Iceland, Suaeda Maritima extract, Natural Active Carbon, Enzymatic exfoliant.

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