Ora Debloat and Digest+ 60vc

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Enjoy pizza night without the pain (and embarrassment) of bloat.

A synergistic blend of the clinically-tested GutGard® shown in clinical studies to relieve abdominal pain, bloating and discomfort with organic fennel seed and vegan digestive enzymes to help reduce indigestion and distention and support healthy digestion.

  • 100% vegan
  • Ultra-low excipients
  • No added gluten
  • Sustainably-sourced

Debloat and Digest+™ supports with:

+ Abdominal bloating
+ Heartburn and excessive belching
+ Indigestion
+ Healthy digestive function


No eggs, nut-derived ingredients (tree nuts, peanuts), soybeans, milk, fish & shellfish, wheat or gluten

Directions for Use

Take one capsule twice daily at meal times, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen, or change unexpectedly, talk to your healthcare professional.